What Others are Saying

We love sharing our expertise on same-sex weddings with wedding and travel professionals and have received some wonderful feedback. Check out the videos below and scroll down for even more:

"Bernadette strives for service excellence and creating unique, unforgettable memories for wedding couples just as we do at The Ritz-Carlton. Her Gay Wedding Institute Certification provides valuable training and resources enabling us to create a supportive and inclusive environment during the potentially anxious processes of wedding venue selection and event planning. Bernadette's insight and guidance have educated and energized our fully certified catering sales team to help us create the memories of a lifetime for all of our wedding couples." 
Jocelyn McCarthy
Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park, New York
"I was one of the attendees at your seminar in DC on gay weddings. I wanted to share a fabulous wedding that we did as a direct result of all the wonderful things I learned from you! When the brides hired us they specifically said that they liked the fact that our website used inclusive language and addressed gay weddings directly. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. We are having so much fun working with same-sex couples now that DC has seen the light. It's a real privilege to be involved in these joyful weddings!" 
Laura Weatherly
Engaging Affairs
"This was by far one of the most informative and eye opening session we did. There was so much information that we had to photograph the slide show because our fingers could not write fast enough! Learning the difference between straight and gay weddings, terminologies that are appropriate, what are the gay wedding trends and traditions and so much more! We are very eager to review our notes and make our business gay wedding friendly for 2012! "
JD Designs
The Association of Bridal Consultants Conference
"Thank you so much for you talk yesterday.  You were as inspiring and moving in person as you are on your pages. The people who are lucky enough to have you plan their special day are truly blessed. Keep up the amazing work."
Elicia's Elegant Events
"Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation today at the Washington Arts Club. I am so energized after this presentation to spearhead a wonderful experience here at our hotel for gay and lesbian couples. I wish you all the best success and you're truly an amazing inspiration."
William Grace
Senior Catering Sales Manager
Omni Shoreham Hotel
"I found your seminar very interesting, very enlightening and for sure very helpful. You did great job and on a practical note, I think it helps that you're very likeable, were not preachy or 'gay-wedding expert-cocky.' Your approach was very reassuring and it was clear that you were imparting what you've learned organically and was not anything particularly 'inherent to you' as a gay woman, a bride or wedding planner.

You imparted very practical tips, terms, and anecdotal examples that reinforced the point that you do not need to throw the baby out with the bath water. The whole heterosexism thing is what I most learned....what it is, means, and that it is very likely many of us practice or perpetuate this and have no idea. Your seminar was very 'unseminar like.' Seminar sounds boring and this definitely was not. I think also that although this was industry focused in terms of events, the potential for what we learned to extend into our lives and onto influence others in a positive way is an even bigger thing."
Kevin Peck
Avalon Catering
"Best presentation of the week! I learned a ton about a subject I was totally unfamiliar with. It's made a huge difference in my comfort level. Wonderful speaker - thank you!"
Workshop Participant
The Special Event Show
"I learned so much and Bernadette was very cool and understanding. I really liked that she compared standard weddings with gay weddings and noted the differences. She had great ideas in how to talk with gay couples and be sensitive to their needs. I felt very comfortable asking questions and that she would not judge."
Workshop Participant
The Association of Bridal Consultants Conference
"Thank you for the excellent informative presentation on gay weddings. This really was a memorable highlight of my trip. I currently work in the state of Ohio and look forward to designing celebrations of a lifetime to the gay couple. Raise your glass to gay marriage! Cheers!"
Scott Foertch
Something New Events
"On behalf of David Wood, ABC staff, conference attendees and myself, thank you doesn't truly express our gratitude for your presentation at ABC conference in Baltimore. As you can see from the evaluation feedback, your session was very well received."
Elise, Education Coordinator
The Association of Bridal Consultants Conference
"It was great that such an edgy topic was presented. Great choice of speaker - very open and congenial!"
Workshop Participant
The Special Event Show
"Great open discussions about a topic that can still be considered sensitive. I enjoyed the business-focused discussion and looking at it from that perspective. It was very informative and practical."
Vicky Choy
Event Accomplished
"I just wanted to share with you that I booked my first same-sex wedding yesterday! I’m excited to use the information that you taught and put it to good use! This is going to be a great experience for me. I’m very excited!"
Wayne Alldridge
Marble Weddings
"Bernadette reminds us to stay true to our personality when working with gay clients. Loved the tips about gay weddings vs. straight weddings. It was a fabulous presentation."
Alexandra Pare
Cherry Blossom Weddings and Events
"Bernadette is so nice and welcoming and makes us feel at ease and not worried about asking bad questions. All this information really crosses over to straight couples, too, and was just good advice!"
Mary Kate McKenna
"Thank you! This course was very informative and provided the impetus for us to revamp our collateral materials. We’re all very excited about the prospect of doing more business in a smarter way!"
Jennifer Halpin
The Charles Hotel
"Bernadette showed great poise and patience when answering questions and is so frank with her responses. Bernadette covered the differences between gay and straight wedding traditions in detail and helped me get a grasp on the 'gay' language."
Janice Carnevale
Bellwether Events
"It's exciting to talk about this new phase we are entering. I consider myself to be very involved with the gay community but Bernadette definitely said things I hadn't thought of. I have been doing my walk through with the regular ceremony in mind and will now be able to offer other options."
Carla Lanza
National Press Club